About Us

Fitco Industries is a British based company whose central operations and warehousing for the Middle East, South Asian and African regions is located within the Jebel Ali “Free Zone” in the United Arab Emirates. Fitco’s current marketing activities encompass more than 20 countries with an active expansion program into Europe, Asia and Africa. Fitco consists of autonomous divisions including The Irrigation Division whose scope of work is focused on the supply of components to the water services industry with an emphasis on landscape and agricultural irrigation business as well as the Pipes Division which caters for the PVC / polyethylene pipe and fittings needs around the regions.

Since 30 years, Fitco irrigation division has been offering the best quality irrigation products and back up irrigation services to the different regions. Fitco staff is made up of highly qualified engineers and professionals with an in-depth practical knowledge of the irrigation requirements and business operation.

Fitco acts as an exclusive regional manufacturer’s representative for several major USA, European and Australian top irrigation brands. That indeed makes FITCO and its locale network of distributors complete Irrigation solution providers where our products range from the most advanced irrigation central control systems into the most efficient products such as filters, fountains, valves, rotors, sprayers, drip irrigation equipments and many other products and accessories.